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Frequency Hearing Centre is a full service audiology clinic providing Fort Frances and the surrounding Rainy River district comprehensive hearing examinations, assistive listening device sales and repair, medical referrals for clients of all ages.

We offer services for every aspect of your hearing health.

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Frequency Hearing Centre helps clients of all ages improve their hearing.

We provide comprehensive hearing examinations, prescription of hearing aids and other assistive listening devices, we are a registered hearing aid vendor and provide state of the art hearing technology and hearing aid fittings. We discuss and recommend the best course of treatment that is best suited to each individual patient. We prescribe, dispense, repair and program all makes and models of hearing aids.

We also provide ear wax removal, medical referrals and hearing and hearing aid counselling. We work closely with and provide services for the Ontario Assistive Devices Program, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, the Department of Veteran Affairs, Ontario Disability and Support Program and the First Nation Inuit Health Branch. We are also the regional service provider for the Ontario Infant Hearing Program. We see all ages of patients from birth to older adults. We provide itinerant remote clinics to the west end of the Rainy River District and to Atikokan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral? No referral needed!  While doctor and other third party referrals are welcomed, they are not necessary.  Just call 274-4533 and

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Working In Noise

While some forms of hearing loss are hereditary or age related and cannot be prevented, hearing loss from noise exposure is preventable.  Noise-induced hearing loss

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